Headshots for Actors in Honolulu

As the movie industry continues to grow in Hawaii, headshots for actors in Honolulu are in greater demand.  Shooting headshots for actors is a bit different from executives an business people. An actor generally needs more than one headshot in order to feature their range and provide a look at the whole person. This means they need a variety of images to present to agencies but not just any kind of photos. We’ve put together some guidelines for what is expected out of headshots for actors and the reasons behind them.

1.  Acting agents usually ask for 3 pictures altogether:

  • full body shot so they can see and understand your body structure
  • frontal headshot that is clear and tightly framed
  • another headshot that shows a little more character, big smile, silly face, serious, dark side, etc.
  • Vary the sets between images

2. What type of clothing should be brought:

We recommend you have 3-4 clothing options. You can always bring more and choose together at the studio. It’s best to bring a variety of looks.

  • A set of jeans with t-shirt and jacket.
  • A more elegant set of clothes, for men a buttoned shirt w/tie and jacket or a whole suit. For women perhaps an elegant evening dress or business attire.
  • A more casual outfit with sportswear, summer dresses, light jackets, etc.
  • You can also bring any special garments you feel connected with or even a prop.

3. Should you take a professional makeup artist?

We highly recommend to take a professional make-up artist and whatever you do, don’t go a department store make-up counter! They tend to overdo everything and take much longer than necessary. A trained make-up artist will know how to customize your look and understands how makeup is affected by photography and studio lighting conditions. Men, if you decide to take makeup please be sure to shave before the shoot. Face makeup and stubble don’t go well together… If you decide not to take a professional makeup artist, here are some tips that can help you:

  • face powder to help dull any shine on the face. Be sure to match your natural skin color
  • natural eye makeup to enhance only, don’t over do! A little mascara, some eyeliner, lip gloss or light lipstick (don’t choose dark color unless you’re going stictly for the gothic look)

Yes, there is always photoshop to help too but remember, agents want to see you as you really are. That means no making thinner, removing moles, changing hair color, fixing noses, etc.   Retouching for actor’s headshots is strictly cleaning the image of stray hairs, correcting lighting and color, minimal skin smoothing, and conversions to black & white/brown & white only. No special effects!

4.  Don’t shoot everything outside:

Agencies aren’t looking to see the landscape, they want to see the person. They prefer to see your pictures on a clean background so that nothing in the image will steal the attention from you!

Whether you’re new to the business or looking to refresh your portfolio we’ll help to guide you through the shoot so you’re relaxed and can project the best features of your personality. Which is the real essence of an actor’s headshot.

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