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Honolulu In-Office Headshots for Busy Professionals

The perfect solution for business people who want a professional headshot without leaving the office! If you’re a professional you already understand the importance of having a good headshot to represent yourself.  For busy professionals, maximizing time efficiency is likely the biggest obstacle standing in the way of updating old headshots. We can help to remove this obstacle from your workday by providing you with an in-office headshot session, saving your most precious commodity – time. At Hawaii Headshot Photos we specialize in photo shoots and portraits for business people who don’t want to leave their office. We will bring […]

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How to Create a Profile Photo That Will Get You the Date

In an era where your social and business encounter takes place primarily on the Internet, your profile picture has a decisive impact; It creates the first impression (determined in a few seconds), provides information about you and hence brings you closer or distances you from opportunities to meet in the real world. In an era where your social and business encounter takes place primarily on the Internet, your profile picture has a decisive impact; It creates the first impression (determined in a few seconds), provides information about you and hence brings you closer or distances you from opportunities to meet […]

What Does the Quality of Your Headshot Say About Your Business?

Business men and women: Do you have a website, landing page, or business page? When potential customers discover you on the Internet, they are making subliminal and concious judgements about your business even before they decide whether or not to read the verbal content. Images speak directly and quickly to a person’s emotional body where unconscious opinions are drawn before our brain has the chance to filter and form explanations for ‘gut feelings’. No matter how much you’ve invested in the text, if the image is not successful or looks unprofessional, the internet surfer will continue on to one of […]

Headshots for Actors in Honolulu

As the movie industry continues to grow in Hawaii, headshots for actors in Honolulu are in greater demand.  Shooting headshots for actors is a bit different from executives an business people. An actor generally needs more than one headshot in order to feature their range and provide a look at the whole person. This means they need a variety of images to present to agencies but not just any kind of photos. We’ve put together some guidelines for what is expected out of headshots for actors and the reasons behind them. 1.  Acting agents usually ask for 3 pictures altogether: […]

What To Do if You Are Nervous About Being Photographed?

Truth be told, we’re all born actors and no one knows how to do it the first time.  The experience of being photographed is exciting for some, stressful for others, and a combination of both for most. If you feel like you don’t know how to be photographed the best thing you can do is, relax!  No one is expecting you to walk onto the set like Meryl Streep or Robert DeNiro.  We are professionals and our job is to direct you on stage so your personality can shine. The most common concern people have is not knowing how to […]

Why Invest in a Corporate Headshot

Purpose of a Corporate Headshot A corporate headshot serves the same basic purpose as any other business portrait. Simply put, they are photographs of a businessperson, with the focus being on the head, face and shoulders. They are used for business networking as individuals or as part of their company’s marketing materials to promote services or a brand identity. The only real difference being that often times, corporate headshots will take place in the business office in order to accommodate a large number of team members’ busy schedules or to incorporate company logos into the images. Keeping Current Updating company […]

Time For a New Headshot?

How To Know When It’s Time For a New Headshot The purpose of having a headshot is to provide others with an accurate impression of who you are.  It can be a big turn off if you show up to a meeting looking like a different person from your business photo.  You need to keep your headshot fresh and current.  How often you need to update your photo should be determined by how much your appearance has changed.   Here are a few things to consider when determining whether it’s time for a reshoot on your headshot. Hair: If you’re wearing […]

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Photographer in Honolulu

What are the benefits of choosing a professional photographer over your cousin? In today’s digital era everyone and their auntie has a camera (or phone) and can call themselves a photographer.  Some of them even generate a good photo here and there but without a working knowledge of how to use light, composition, and posing their better images are only the result of luck and post-production tricks. Do you really want to trust your photos and your money investment to tricks and fortune?   There is a vast difference between an experienced photographer and a hobbyist with a camera.  Why […]

Preparing Skin and Hair Before Business Headshots

Grooming tips for great skin and hair before your headshot Preparing your skin and hair before business headshots is as important as coming in to the session with your clothes pressed.  These few simple suggestions will go a long way in helping you look your best for your headshot portrait session. Beware of stray eyebrows and unruly ear and nose hair: If you can see them, so can the camera. Do a check and have someone help you if needed. Moustaches and beards? Let’s say men only.  If you’re keeping the facial hair you may want to trim up the […]

What Should I Wear For My Headshots?

 Best Options to Consider When Choosing What to Wear For Headshots: Try everything on before your headshot session!  When you’re looking in the mirror ask yourself, “does it fit and do I love the way it looks on me?”  Make sure you really love it.  If not, try something else or go shopping if you have to. Ladies, be cautious with tanks/camis with lace.  They can work as under layers but make sure they don’t suggest lingerie too much.  Long sleeves usually work best and look the most professional. Gentlemen, when trying on your clothes put your tie on too […]