Honolulu Actor HeadShots

Actor Bock is the card of every actor, both veteran and experienced and certainly of a young player and starts.
An up-to-date Talent book should be available at your agent to send at any moment that seems relevant to him and offer you audition.
Even if you are familiar with the industry, the very existence of the book and browsing is an important reminder.
3 pictures made of a good card
Main image: Frontal and clear facial features, including shoulders and part of the chest.
Body image: One with an entire body so you can learn about your body structure.
And a third picture: a picture with a smile, or a bit of a pose, a wink, a funny face, or a character that suits you best.
Studio or outdoor photos of your choice *
A session with a professional photographer for two full hours
Best photo angles and poses tips that will make you look great in photos!
Shy? Do not like to be photographed? Do not worry – you’ll get 15-20 minutes to “get used” to the camera.
A private photo session – only you and the photographer, sometimes even an ashtray and a photographer’s assistant
An experienced professional photographer, quality equipment and personal attention – all you need for great photos and an unforgettable experience!
The images will be displayed on a disc. Or in the form of a picture book
* The price does not include studio rentals.
** Cover book is not included in the price.

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