Time For a New Headshot?

How To Know When It’s Time For a New Headshot

The purpose of having a headshot is to provide others with an accurate impression of who you are.  It can be a big turn off if you show up to a meeting looking like a different person from your business photo.  You need to keep your headshot fresh and current.  How often you need to update your photo should be determined by how much your appearance has changed.   Here are a few things to consider when determining whether it’s time for a reshoot on your headshot.

Headshot, Behind the scenes

Hair: If you’re wearing a new hairstyle that’s noticeably different from the one in your photo. This includes coloring too. Hairstyle trends can also date a good headshot.  The hottest look ten years ago may already look outdated after just a few years.

Weight gain/loss:  A few pounds here and there won’t make a difference however,  a weight gain or loss of ten pounds or more will show in your face making it a significant reason to reshoot your headshots.

Clothing:  Fashion trends are another factor that can date your images.  It’s best to choose clothing classics that can transcend quick changing style trends.  Timelessness and simplicity are the most important qualities to look for in your clothing choices.

Time:  There is no escaping the passage of time.  Just as television ads and other promotional materials become old and ineffective over time, so do headshot photos.  No matter how good your current image is it will lose its impact with time and circulation.  Keeping fresh good images circulating in your promotional materials prevents you and your business from appearing stale.

The amount of time between headshot updates will vary quite a bit for the average business headshot client.  There are special circumstances that will require headshot updates on a more frequent basis.  Actors need to have something fresh every year and child actors will need updates every 6-8 months.  The performing arts require constant fresh starts to keep the attention of talent scouts.  A typical business headshot can probably serve you well for a few years as long as no drastic physical changes take place.