What Should I Wear For My Headshots?

 Best Options to Consider When Choosing What to Wear For Headshots:

  1. Try everything on before your headshot session!  When you’re looking in the mirror ask yourself, “does it fit and do I love the way it looks on me?”  Make sure you really love it.  If not, try something else or go shopping if you have to.
  2. Ladies, be cautious with tanks/camis with lace.  They can work as under layers but make sure they don’t suggest lingerie too much.  Long sleeves usually work best and look the most professional.
  3. Gentlemen, when trying on your clothes put your tie on too and make sure you can comfortable fasten the top button of your shirt.  If you’re wearing a jacket too check to be sure it’s not too tight when buttoned.
  4. Bring more than one clothing option and remember that layering is your friend.  It creates an easy way to change up your look quickly and easily.
  5. Look for classic cuts and tailored shapes. Tailored tops are slimming and classics never go out of style.  Same goes with colors. Black, gray, and navy are classic and sophisticated.  Stick with colors that look really good on you and keep things darker than your skin tone.
  6. Keep patterns to a minimum.  They can be distracting and when viewed on monitors, tight patterns can create disturbing pattern formations on screens.
  7. Wear things that show your personality.  Is a bowtie part of your daily dress? Then wear it! Same with glasses.
  8. Iron your clothes! It can make or break a photo.
  9. Have a pet? Fur check. Lint roll your clothes before you come and bring the roller with you in case you miss any stray hairs.
  10. Keep jewelry simple or leave out altogether.

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