Honolulu In-Office Headshots for Busy Professionals

The perfect solution for business people who want a professional headshot without leaving the office!

If you’re a professional you already understand the importance of having a good headshot to represent yourself.  For busy professionals, maximizing time efficiency is likely the biggest obstacle standing in the way of updating old headshots. We can help to remove this obstacle from your workday by providing you with an in-office headshot session, saving your most precious commodity – time.

At Hawaii Headshot Photos we specialize in photo shoots and portraits for business people who don’t want to leave their office. We will bring our mobile studio to your office, the set-up is quick and you’ll need only take 15 – 30 minutes from your work to smile for the camera. We can accommodate your tastes with a choice of portable backdrops or executive portraits of you in your office/business environment.

We also offer make-up artist services for an additional fee in your office if needed. We can accommodate one individual or headshots for an entire office staff if everyone is in need of a fresh headshot. This is a great way to make the most efficient use of time for everyone while providing uniformity of lighting and style for your marketing materials and especially important for creating a professional impression for your business.

Remember – quality headshot photos will reflect the professionalism of you and your business giving you a significant advantage over your competitors.

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