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What Does the Quality of Your Headshot Say About Your Business?

Business men and women: Do you have a website, landing page, or business page? When potential customers discover you on the Internet, they are making subliminal and concious judgements about your business even before they decide whether or not to read the verbal content. Images speak directly and quickly to a person’s emotional body where unconscious opinions are drawn before our brain has the chance to filter and form explanations for ‘gut feelings’. No matter how much you’ve invested in the text, if the image is not successful or looks unprofessional, the internet surfer will continue on to one of […]

What To Do if You Are Nervous About Being Photographed?

Truth be told, we’re all born actors and no one knows how to do it the first time.  The experience of being photographed is exciting for some, stressful for others, and a combination of both for most. If you feel like you don’t know how to be photographed the best thing you can do is, relax!  No one is expecting you to walk onto the set like Meryl Streep or Robert DeNiro.  We are professionals and our job is to direct you on stage so your personality can shine. The most common concern people have is not knowing how to […]