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Headshots for Actors in Honolulu

As the movie industry continues to grow in Hawaii, headshots for actors in Honolulu are in greater demand.  Shooting headshots for actors is a bit different from executives an business people. An actor generally needs more than one headshot in order to feature their range and provide a look at the whole person. This means they need a variety of images to present to agencies but not just any kind of photos. We’ve put together some guidelines for what is expected out of headshots for actors and the reasons behind them. 1.  Acting agents usually ask for 3 pictures altogether: […]

What Should I Wear For My Headshots?

 Best Options to Consider When Choosing What to Wear For Headshots: Try everything on before your headshot session!  When you’re looking in the mirror ask yourself, “does it fit and do I love the way it looks on me?”  Make sure you really love it.  If not, try something else or go shopping if you have to. Ladies, be cautious with tanks/camis with lace.  They can work as under layers but make sure they don’t suggest lingerie too much.  Long sleeves usually work best and look the most professional. Gentlemen, when trying on your clothes put your tie on too […]